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a true family business


Farm 23 is the lifelong dream of co-owners (and husband and wife team!) Joshua & Laura Puchalski and Laura's mom, Jane Paulin. After 11 years of owning their small independent  bakery in their home town in Western Massachusetts, Joshua, Laura, and Jane decided it was time to pass the business along to a new owner and relocate to the beautiful mid coast of Maine to realize yet another dream ~ living and working  seaside!

Jane has been a lifelong self taught baker, making cakes, pies, pastries, and thousands of hand made cookies each year for the holidays.

Jane passed this love of baking on to Laura, who started working at a local bakery at the age of 20. After that, she worked her way through a business degree and learned the ins and outs of business ownership through a variety of jobs in customer service and food service before opening her own bakery in 2007. 

Joshua, ever supportive of Laura's love of baking, contributes everything from his good-natured customer service presence and savvy computer skills to menu creation and growing beautiful oyster mushrooms for use in the kitchen. 

Farm 23's bakery mascots are Lucy, Lila, Dudley, & Biscuit! They are a rowdy bunch of rescue dogs from the deep South, and will likely (occasionally? frequently?) be heard singing their songs from the main house.

They love being Farm 23's official taste testers!

Most recently we added Harold, our Leghorn rooster and 14 of his egg laying ladies to the Farm 23 family! Their farm fresh eggs make their way into our stuffed croissants daily!

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Farm 23

...a note from the owners

Thank you for joining us!


Farm 23, located in a rustic, beautiful 1810 farmhouse in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, is the culmination of more than 20 years of dreaming, planning, experimenting, winning (and sometimes losing!), crying, laughing (lots of laughing!) and just old fashioned hard work. We are thrilled to bring our products to Boothbay Harbor and the mid coast.

We believe that food truly is LOVE, and that it should be made with care, quality ingredients, and minimal processing. But our commitment with Farm 23 goes beyond just using quality ingredients. We use unbleached, non gmo flour, local Maine Grains oats, rye flour, and cornmeal, local produce, cheeses and meats whenever possible, our farm fresh eggs from our own on site flock of chickens, and Fair Trade Organic Indigo Coffee Roasters coffee (roasted to order  to reach us as fresh as possible!). We support our local businesses and community, working together for a better future! Come visit us at Farm 23 and cultivate some joy!   -Joshua, Laura, & Jane 

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